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Climate Salon: Multilateral Review of COP20 in Lima

COP20 concluded in Lima in December 2014 by adopting a set of decisions to have paved the way for an international agreement in Paris in 2015. With the views to test the adequacy and fairness of the outcome, China Civil Climate Action Network will organize climate salon by inviting key negotiators from China delegation, experts of think tanks, NGOs and media observers to have a round of discussion, looking back to the outcome of Lima and its implication on China’s actions and looking forward to the next rounds of negotiations that will determine the global regime of climate governance for the period of post 2020 and how to mobilize greater ambition.

Speakers invited:
Gao Feng, Special Representative on Climate Change, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Li Gao, Deputy Director of Climate Change, National Development and Reform Commission
Zheng Baowei, Director of China Climate Communication Initiative, Renmin University of China
Wang Yi, Dirctor of Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Kong Lingyu, Reporter, Caixin Media
Bai Yunwen, Deputy Director of Greenovation Hub
Suzhi, Director of China Youth Delegation to COP20, China Youth Climate Action Network

Bi Xinxin, Coordinator of China Civil Climate Action Network

When and Where:
3-5pm, 5th January 2015
2nd floor, Peace Palace, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.
1 Taijichang Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Dinner will be provided after the salon.

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