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Friends of Nature

Friends of Nature

Founded in 1994, Friends of Nature (FON) is the oldest environmental NGO in China. We have been working for nearly two decades to promote environmental awareness about China’s most pressing environmental problems. In particular, we have focused on protecting endangered species such as the Tibetan antelope and the snub-nosed monkey, promoting environmental education through camps, field trips, and most importantly, teacher-training and awareness raising campaigns such as photo exhibitions and publications. Although we have achieved some important victories for nature, possibly FON’s greatest achievement is helping to foster a growing network of grassroots environmental NGOs throughout China.

Our mission:We firmly believe that environmental education increases awareness, and awareness increases citizen participation. It is through the participation of all Chinese citizens that China can achieve the dream of an environmentally harmonious society and low-carbon development.
Our focus:To address climate change we focus on the major challenge of China’s rapid urbanization and promote livable cities and sustainable urban lifestyles.

Our climate change projects:

China’s Civil Society Joint-Research Group on Climate Change:

We continuously share information and comment on domestic and foreign climate change issues through our blogs. Through the "China Environmental NGO-line" e-mail groups we coordinated and collected inputs and comments from environmental organisations for a draft "NGO climate change position paper". In 2010, during the UN climate change negotiations in Tianjin and Cancun, we organised the exchange with Vice-minister Xie Zhenhua of the National Development and Reform Commission. More than 60 civil society organizations from China collectively organized activities during the United Nations climate change negotiations in Tianjin and demonstrated to the international community how China's civil society efforts address climate change.

Sustainable Transport Project:

To improve the overall situation for bicycles and to reinvigorate China’s bicycle culture, we organized more than 200 volunteers on bicycles in Beijing to carry out surveys which were used to create an online bicycle service map. We organized volunteer teams for the “Smarter than Cars” campaign and issued the "Livable Beijing – Riding and Walking" research report. More than 1,000 people participated in various activities organized by us and promised to promote low-carbon travel among friends and family.

CCAN liaison person:

Ms. ZHANG Hehe, graduated from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Graduate School Environment and Development. At Friends of Nature she
functions as Deputy Director, Head of Development Cooperation Department and the carbon household project leader. Prior to joining Friends of Nature she was teacher for environmental education, trainer and environmental education project manager.

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