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EnviroFriends Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

EnviroFriends Institute of Environmental Science and Technology

EnviroFriends was established in 2005. We facilitate exchange and cooperation with environmental NGOs from Japan and South Korea on a number of issues including climate change, waste management, water and health, ecological restoration and environmental education. We are the initiators of the East Asian Climate Network and are one of the founding members of CCAN and one of the first Chinese groups to join CAN-International.

  • Our mission: Encourage citizens to participate in environmental protection through environmental research, education and wareness, and promote China's sustainable development.
  • Our Focus: We support and assist the Government, enterprises and public institutions to carry out environmental protection and realize sustainable development. We emphasize the ecological and environmental aspects of science education, training, information exchange, and promote exchanges and cooperation of civil society organizations.

Our climate change projects:

Declaration of the ‘Carbon emissions weight loss project’ in China:

Together with the Japanese environmental group “NGO20% Club” we cooperated and promoted ’carbon emissions weight loss’ in Beijing’s Panjiayuan Chaoyang District and Shijingshan District. Five district offices and a total of five 1300 neighborhood families attended one year of monthly household water, electricity, gas research and science promotion activities.

East Asia low carbon workshops:

So far two workshops were held with Chinese, South Korean and Japanese NGOs participating. We discussed climate change issues, shared the status of related policies, planed collaborative activities with the goal to achieve a "Low-carbon Asia" through public participation, NGO cooperation and joint implementation.

CCAN liaison:

Ms. LI Li, founder and director of EnviroFriends. In 2005 she set up the organization with her own money. She also has been working consultant for more than a dozen environmental NGOs in China. Li Li is the contact person for the East Asia Environment Information Network (China, Korea and Japan). In China, she has implemented environmental science education and training in more than twenty provinces and municipalities. She also organizes and teaches students how to investigate environmental issues and write articles. She is editor of several books on environmental education, science promotion and environmental theater training.

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