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Xiamen Green Cross Association (XMGCA)

Xiamen Green Cross Association (XMGCA)

XMGCA is a non-governmental, non-profit, and non-religious grassroots environmental protection organization, legally registered in 2007 by Xiamen Civil Affairs Bureau and supervised Xiamen’s Environmental Protection Bureau. In 2005 we gained the "Ford Motor Conservation and Environmental Grants" award of nominations, in 2006 the "China Youth Toyota Environmental Protection" Award of Excellence and in 2010 the second award of the "Ford Motor Conservation and Environmental Grants" for energy saving and emission reductions. XMGCA is member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), Friends of Nature (FON), All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) and core member and initiator of Green Commuting Network (GCN) and the Chinese Civil Climate Change Action Network (CCAN).

Our mission is to initiate environmental protection activities, advocate ecologically friendly lifestyles, promoting education for sustainable development, and establish interaction platform for public participation Our slogan is: I’m here for green!
Our focus lies on advocating and promoting the formation of public participation mechanisms in environmental protection, influencing environmental policy, introducing green lifestyles through volunteer activities, promoting the harmonious development of environmental demands of government, enterprises and the general public.

Our climate change projects:

Water Resources Protection Project:

Since 2005, XMGCA has been paying attention to Xiamen’s drinking water sources and reservoirs of the the Xiamen Jiulong River. Throughout 2005 and 2010 we carried out surveys on water pollution of Jiulong River, travelled more than three thousand kilometers, mobilized
thousands of people to participate and made relevant policy recommendations. To monitor the water quality of the reservoirs surrounding Xiamen, we mobilize local volunteers to participate, thereby obtain first-hand data and information for our policy recommendations for water resources protection. The project has multiple climate benefits as it supports protection of forests along Jiulong River and Xiamen’s water security.

Sustainable Transport Project:

Also since 2005, XMGCA has been focusing on energy saving and emissions reductions in urban transport. We promote car-free days and promote China's Green Commuting Network. We raise public awareness about saving energy, and the relationship between urban air
pollution and health. As a result, Xiamen’s public increasingly recognizes the advantages of Green Commuting and the need for long-term solutions for improving public transport, environmental driving, cycling and walking for the city’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

High-level Forums on Climate Change:

In April 2007, XMGCA hosted the "Focus on Climate Change For Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Forum", invited senior managers from enterprises, government and media, business representatives and media reporters to discuss how government, enterprises and public can face climate change. In April 2009, XMGCA hosted the "Climate Change & Low-Carbon Economy Forum", to discuss Xiamen’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

CCAN liaison person:

Ms. MA Tiannan (Azure) is the founder and current director of XMGCA. She has been working in the field of environmental protection since 1999 when founded Xiamen Green Cross environmental services in Xiamen, Xiamen Green Cross Society and the Volunteer Center. She is also appointed managing director of the Xiamen City Environmental Sciences Association, consultant for the US Environmental Defense Fund’s Green Commuting Network in China, and lifelong member of Friends of Nature (FoN) of Fujian Province. Furthermore, Azure is consultant of Xiamen Society for the prevention of cruelty of animals (SPCA) and was nominated as outstanding Public Welfare Figures of Water Protection Award in 2010.

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